Tactical Deception is a turn-based tactical strategy game in which players are in control of six team members. Each team member has their own story, leading to the specific skill sets they can learn on the way.

Then the wars broke out. First came our country‚Äôs war for independence. It was a just cause and a necessary fight. Our people enlisted willingly to fight for the independence of our nation and free our country from oppression.  

But the war lasted a long time, and it took its toll on our town. Many of our men who enlisted never returned home. The war tore apart many families, leaving children fatherless and mothers taking on job after job to feed them.

When the war was over, relief flooded our country. We won the fight for our independence, and we could finally focus on rebuilding our great nation from the ashes. Or so we thought.  

But politicians had another agenda. Instead of focusing on the unity of our nation, politicians dug out old grievances to create unrest among the people.

Our town was no different. The rift between political factions became so wide that friends, brothers, and sisters stopped speaking to each other. And it was not long until the guns came out.  

People sided with various factions and formed interest groups. Military, farmers, bankers, industrialist, medics, even criminals had their own faction, fighting for power and money. Everybody had their own interest to watch out for. Civilized discussion and compromises became things of the past. Chaos began to rule, and interest groups fought with each other, often to the death.  

Our town suffered a lot. We lost good people and valuable property in the civil war, and something even more important: trust.

When the war ended, nothing remained from our cozy, peaceful town. People try to make ends meet in any way they can. Without trust in the system and each other, people resort to corruption, scheming, and violence to survive.

Crime and inflation are skyrocketing. Those who have nobody to turn to ask mercenaries for help. As the leader of an elite troop of ex-soldiers, your task is to navigate the narrow and dangerous path between interest groups, policemen, and townspeople. Be aware though; nothing is as simple as it seems. Choose your path carefully, as your decisions impact the future of our community.



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